The Lore of Sweeping

There exist a variety of understated magical tools and implements that most people have in their home, whether they realize it or not. The broom is one of those tools. It's blessed in its subtlety, for those who wish to be less overt in their magical practices at home, or for people who may be less comfortable acknowledging their actions as magic - but knowing they are regardless. In many rural cultures, the broom has been a long known and respected source of great legend and folklore, as well as empowerment, meditative trance, and magic.

The traditions and beliefs around brooms and sweeping can be found throughout the world in almost every culture. The act of sweeping in and sweeping out energies is nothing new, but to embody it as a practice can be revolutionary. A room can feel lighter after a good sweeping, and that sensation can permeate our very lives when done consciously. Therein lies the magical practice. What does it feel like to intentionally welcome an energy, or a desire? What does it feel like to dispel? Brooms are boundary tools. They say "this is welcome here," and "this is not." Establishing boundaries isn't always the most obvious or natural thing to do. Most of us have been so heavily conditioned into accepting the unacceptable, and agreeing with the morally and spiritually questionable that we can forget how powerful we truly are. When you commit to showing up for yourself and your needs, you've already begun the work. Putting action to your hopes and visions is to create devotional space for yourself where you may have once believed none could exist. When sweeping out the dirt, you'll soon discover a fresh foundation.

Bethany Ridenour, teacher and broom maker, takes this intention one step further by crafting her own tools. In their expression around the art of broom making, they describe the practice of cleaning as the sacred mundane, and their source of safety. This dedicated act also embodies ancestral reclamation. To craft your own tools is to imbue them with intention and magic. In their words, "we often discuss how distant we have become from making things. I want people to walk away from my workshops with a deeper respect for the land and for the energy it takes to make the things we use.”

When you envision clearing your energy, what does it feel like? What gestures do you imagine? A broom is nothing other than a dance partner, and a support to your intention. When you say yes to your own willpower, you have said yes to your own magic. Now all you need is the right tool to give this intention life. The act of sweeping is a motion that has been shared for countless generations. Your mind, supported by your ancestors, knows just what to do and will guide your body as best as it can. These acts of boundary reinforcement have been with you since birth, and you have the strength of your entire lineage to back them up as you sway and sweep your way forward.

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