Self-Devotion: Fire Magic for Joy

A cat curled in front of a fireplace, the low flame under a simmering teapot, or a crackling campfire in the summer - fire has the ability to melt away the sharp cool edge of despair and make us feel alive. Finding joy in this current time can be challenging - there's no lack of hardship to see for anyone paying attention. When there is so much hurt, and struggle, and pain at the forefront how can we also access feelings of joy? Despite it all, there is power in pleasure and joy. Uplifting ourselves allows for our communities to be uplifted. Joy is essential to empowerment, essential to revolution, and essential to life - just like fire.


The Fire Element is generally associated with the South, Summer, and Creativity. The Fire element rules the Zodiac signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius bringing in bright, vivacious energy to those planets or parts of your natal chart with these signs. Fire is associated with the suit of Wands in the minor arcana of the tarot, and the major card of Judgement. In rituals or on your altar, Fire can be represented by a candle, blade, or the colors red or orange. Fire connects to the energy of Joy through our creativity and through literal creation (hello cooking as a magical transformative act!!) Fire helps us find our spark!


To use Fire energy in your daily practice, begin by finding the South facing wall in your bedroom (or another sacred space - perhaps even outside!) and plan to use this area for your creativity or sex magic rituals. Set your work desk up to face this way, or your canvas for your art practice! Have a hot date coming over? Be sure to have them push you up against the South facing wall for your sexy make-out. You can also create an altar on this wall that helps inspire and stoke your fire - incorporate elements that make you feel lit up and alive.


Use the ritual below to connect to your joyful energy through Fire.

Candle Magic spell for Joy:

You will need

Begin your ritual by taking a few deep breaths, and entering a joyful meditative space. Maybe this looks like taking a moment to dance to your favorite song, flip through photos of your favorite trip, or masturbate before starting! Whatever you need to do to access a nugget of joy to begin with.

Take your candle, and hold it in your hands. Anoint it with your spray, or oil while also anointing yourself. Then, take your sharpie and begin to write along the candles container a list of everything that brings you joy - nothing is too big or small! My list would look like "my community, coffee, fresh cut flowers, seeing a puppy...." and on and on. Let the words overlap, spilling into each other. Coat your candle in all your joy! When you are done writing your spell - light your candle. Let the warm glow fill you up, and relight this candle in moments of stress or darkness when you need to remind yourself of the light.

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