Energetic Hygiene: Clearing and Protection Practices

Protecting and Clearing our energy is a powerful practice to maintain and tend to our boundaries. When we clear our energy, we are coming home to ourselves. Shaking off the excess energy of other people, places, or situations. Clearing our energy reminds us that we are safe and held in our own power. Protecting our energy looks like harm reduction - prepping ourselves with coping skills and adding extra oomf to our energetic boundaries. This helps us protect ourselves from criticism, stress, and outside influences. When we enter a situation knowing we are powerful, strong, and deserve to be safe, it’s harder for negative outside influences to find footholds in our psyche. 


Clearing your energy can be an every day (or every hour) practice, a routine to fall into. Coming home to yourself is always a welcome activity. Clear your energy and aura when it feels stale or off, after a long day or after interacting with a lot of people, when you get a new magical tool, or whenever your intuition tells you it’s time! Some common clearing methods include using the elements - this can look like passing through smoke or lighting a candle, burying in the earth, or soaking, sprinkling or spraying with water. You can also use herbs to clear your energy, either through a fresh herb brush down or by burning herbs. The moon and the sun are both great clearing elements - to use these celestial beings, just set your items in the sun or moonlight, or open your windows to let the sun and moonlight in to clear a space. Salt is the ultimate witch catch-all tool for clearing as it soaks up all negative energy. Salt can be sprinkled around doorways or windows, placed in a bowl and set on a desk or altar, added to baths for clearing soaks, or added to food for extra clearing energy. 


On the next Full Moon, try a clearing practice on your favorite magical tool. Maybe it’s your tarot or oracle deck, or your favorite crystal. Find a nice windowsill, or even outside if you have space for that, and set your tool in a beautiful spot on an altar cloth or plate. Add a circle of salt around your tool, or place a small bowl of salt next to it. Leave your tool in the moonlight overnight, and when you come back to it the next day, hold it in your hands and say some gratitude to your tool - “thank you for holding space for me” - “thank you for connecting me to my intuition.” This will clear your magical tool, and fill it with positive energy!   


Protect your energy when a tool or room feels off, if you have to interact with anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable or negative, before important meetings or classes, or whenever your intuition tells you it’s time! Some common protecting methods include protective talismans - this can include carrying specific crystals or plants with you, or even adornment magic with crystals and protective symbols worked into jewelry or clothing. Using scent as protection, by anointing yourself with protective ritual oils. Meditation and visualization are a powerful protection tool - visualize yourself surrounded by a protective light or bubble, and you can draw up this protective barrier whenever you feel like you need it. 


If you feel like you need to protect your energy, try making a protective spell pouch. You will need a small pouch - this can even be 2 pieces of fabric you sew together - a pinch of dried rosemary, a pinch of dried garlic, and a pinch of black pepper. If you have a black stone - black tourmaline or obsidian would be perfect here - feel free to add it. All black stones help dispel negative energy. Mix your herbs together while focusing on your intention - this could be “no negative energy is welcome here,” “protect my home and all within it,” or “I am protected.” Add your herbs to the pouch, and seal it up. You can carry it with you, add it to an altar or your doorknob, or even hang it in your car for protection.  


When either protecting or clearing your energy, the most important tool is your intention. Hold your intention in your heart and mind’s eye while you do your practice. Follow your ritual by filling up the cleansed and protected space with positive energy and affirmations. 


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