Creating a Self-Devotion Ritual

For all magical humans self-devotion is an essential aspect of life. We work this magic even if not consciously choosing to do so; as we ritualistically cleanse our bodies, spaces, and energy, as we nourish ourselves or adorn while getting ready for the day. But even for people with a dedicated practice of self-love, it's all too easy to lose touch as life around us continues to spin, and the tornado of reality often wins the battle for attention and time. 

First thing's first, babe- remember that self-devotion is a commitment that happens on your own terms. To enact and embody self-devotion as a ritual is to forge a bond of love with your own being. To find ways to celebrate the act of being incarnate.

To create a ritual of self-devotion, consider what magical acts fill your heart with joy or peace. Some folks work with deities, some acknowledge the divinity of nature, or the expansive mystery of the universe - all of which you contain within as well. This practice is entirely for you. Reach for the tools that you desire.

Slip into this ritual with ease. If judgements come up, let them be momentarily felt and gently dismissed. We're often told in so many ways that doing for ourselves is selfish and wrong. This ritual, first and foremost, is made to cast aside these false notions, allow them to transfer back into the collective cauldron of energy, and root down into our individual power and sacred authority. This experience is strictly between you and the divine mysterious source of all that is. Self-devotion is a lifelong journey; one that requires regular attention and maintenance. To begin with, try incorporating this ritual on a monthly basis.

This can be done as simply or lavishly as you see fit. Before beginning, spend some time with yourself. Treat this as a true date of sorts. Adorn your body in an ensemble that makes you feel worship-worthy. Make space beforehand to wine and dine, for sensual self-touch, and to simply adore yourself for all that you are. Write an unbridled letter to yourself full of rich details all about what you adore about who you are now, and what you look forward to growing further into. Once this is done, slowly begin preparing for your ritual. 

  • Run a bath (or start your shower).

If using a bath, this part offers you a little time. During this time, continue sinking into the sensation of self-devotion. Observe the small details of yourself, from your toes, your knees, your fingertips, your hair - pour your love into every crevice of your being. 

  • Light red and white candles if you have them.

These are the colors of clarity and passion. The presence of fire is powerful, and connects you directly to your original primal self. Fire ignites and reflects your own inner flame, tending to the core of you as you feel your own power and warmth from the inside out. 

  • Offer sweet essential oils, honey or herbs to your bath. 

This is as much of an offering to you as it is to deity, spirit, or the mysterious divine. Aphrodite is known to love honey, and it also happens to do wonders fo the skin. Drop a little ylang ylang, bergamont, peppermint, lemongrass, tangerine or grapefruit essential oil into your tub. Breathe in the sweet fragrance and feel yourself become enveloped. Allow the experience to soften any hard emotional edges.  

  • Add a cup of moon water if you have it. 

If you are a well prepared witch, you'll likely have a jar of moon water from the last full moon! This is water which has been charged by the moonlight. If you don't have this on hand, simply prepare a bowl of cool water and consecrate it for this ritual. To consecrate, simply offer your self-devotional intention to the bowl. 

  • Continue your sensual exploration of self with an oil blend. 

You may wish to anoint your body with a luscious oil blend, or a carrier oil such as sweet almond, apricot kernel, olive or sunflower. As you do this, let each drop illuminate you from the skin to your core. Ask your guides and ancestors for energetic support as you make your way through this ritual of self-love. 

  • When you’re finished, thank your guides, and thank yourself. 

Let this be the most rich moment of your ritual. Allow your emotions to flow. Feel the absolute utmost gratitude for yourself, for your beautiful body, and for the spirit that lives within it. Know you are here for a divine purpose, and feel the energy of that understanding course through you like gold. 

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