Creating a sanctuary in your home

No matter what your living space may be, it is always possible and available to create a sacred space within your home. Establishing Sanctuary is an opportunity to find space to rest into, return to, and be held by. In reality, it is a dedicated way to hold ourselves. This space, made by and for our individual selves, our needs, and our capacities, will only serve us if we are dedicated to its maintenance and care. In this way, it is a tangible and visionable reflection of how we treat and care for ourselves. We hold this space, and in return, our space holds us. This relationship to environment is sacred. It self-highlights ways in which we could be more gentle, contentious, and even luxuriate in our unique beauty.
A sanctuary is personal. What you imagine to be a space of safety and comfort might be different than somebody else, and that’s okay. It’s wonderful, actually. To impart your own standards of what feels right is an act of empowerment, and will adjust your reality outwards, piece by piece. When creating a sanctuary, first begin with establishing what gives you a sense of safety and comfort. This space is meant for you to surround yourself with talismans and reflections of your true magical self. What kind of witch are you? How does magic flow through you? What would you like to see more of in your rituals and magical practices? Maybe the release and creative flow of words give you comfort, and a cozy space to write or read is what your spirit craves. Perhaps plants are your best friends to heal with, and a space to tend to and talk with them would serve your needs. Sleep, dreams, and silent contemplation could be your magical forte, or maybe you read tea leaves or coffee grounds. Maybe you're more of a water witch, and the tub or shower is where you can let yourself unfurl. 
Sometimes our sanctuary space might overlap with our common space, and that's perfectly alright. A small living space may offer capacity for an altar, a special set of candles and aromas, or a dedicated blanket to wrap around you when engaging in your designated sanctuary space. A shared bathroom could mean keeping a portable kit with you to use when in ritualistic bathing. A basket or bag full of special salts, soaps and stones can be easily transported and utilized during moments of needed sanctuary. If you have an outdoor garden plot or an indoor potted plant space, you can create a portion specific to a deity, an intention, or a desire. The best part is that you can actually do all of these things at once. Sanctuary can be multi-faceted, or it can be more concentrated. The feeling and appearance is entirely up to you, and can change just as you do.
Take time to give yourself the space you deserve. Show up for your own mystery, and nurture its growth so that you may show up for others. Offering your intention towards a space of sanctuary and recharge is one aspect of interpersonal revolutionary magic - beginning at the Self, then sent out into the world like a star skipping across the vastness of life.   
Journaling prompts:
What kind of witch are you?
How does magic flow through you?
What would you like to see more of in your rituals and magical practices?
How do you want your space to hold you?


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